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Great Bowden Academy

Great Bowden Academy

Vision and Values

At Great Bowden Church of England Academy, our vision is for each member of our school family to experience life in all its fullness both now and in the future. We are an inclusive welcoming community valuing everyone for who they are and enabling all to flourish.

Our vision: Value everyone for who they are.

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, it says that: ”everyone is made in the image of God”

If you are the image of someone, you look like them. You might remind someone who looks at you of the person you look like.

The verse is saying that Christians should show people what God is like by the way they live and behave towards others. The Bible verse is telling us that we need to show God’s love to everyone by the way that we treat them or value them.

Our vision: Everyone should live life in all its fullness.

In the Bible, Jesus says that because he lived and gave salvation to the world, everyone can live a better life. Jesus says that our lives can be fuller, or better, because of his life.








Our vision: Enabling everyone to flourish.

If someone or something flourishes, they grow or live well. We should help everyone to flourish by making sure everyone in our school has what they need to improve and be the best they can be, inside and out.