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Great Bowden Academy

Great Bowden Academy


Great Bowden Academy’s Curriculum: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)


At Great Bowden Academy, our aim is to develop curious and creative mathematicians who thrive on investigating and exploring mathematical concepts and ideas, whilst developing a deep understanding and love of the subject. 
We follow a Teaching for Mastery approach, believing that mastering a mathematical concept is achievable for all children, focusing on deep and sustained learning, making connections and developing reasoning alongside procedural and conceptual fluency. 

We foster a growth mindset culture and our maths teaching and learning is underpinned by the following key messages: 

  • Everyone can learn maths to the highest level. 

  • Mistakes help us to learn; never be afraid to make mistakes. 

  • Asking great questions deepens our understanding. 

  • Maths is about being creative and making connections. 

  • Maths is about being fluent and flexible. 

  • Understanding mraths is much more important than how fast you are. 

  • The steps that you take when finding the answer are just as important as the answer itself. Below are details and useful information about our maths curriculum. 

Maths progression document 



At Great Bowden, we aim for all  our children  to develop a progressively deeper understanding of  scientific concepts and knowledge. We want them to be curious about the world in which they live and to engage with and enjoy science, understanding its relevance to them, and life in the modern world. We follow the national curriculum and have mapped out  scientific concepts into our curriculum topics. Within the science curriculum, specific skills such as setting up practical enquiries and making systematic and careful observations are taught alongside key knowledge.  These skills are developed by observing, questioning, measuring, making and testing hypotheses, and planning and carrying out investigations.We are able to use our grounds and the local environment as an aid in the natural science work.   



Our aim is to provide a high-quality computing education which equips children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. The curriculum  teaches children key knowledge about how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. We also  teach e-safety to ensure children understand how to  use technology  sensibly and safely. We are introducing a new scheme of work in 2021 by Teach Computing.  


Design and Technology 

Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to develop logical thinking alongside practical construction skills.   Through a variety of creative and practical activities children at Great Bowden are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in the process of designing and making. Children design, make and evaluate in a range of contexts to develop functional products. The National Curriculum is the basis for our work in Design and Technology and we use the Design and Technology Association's "Projects on a Page" as our scheme of work. We link this into our topics and themes where we can. This provides a coherent skills and knowledge progression.