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Great Bowden Academy

Great Bowden Academy

Local Governors

Pecuniary Interests

Great Bowden Academy is a member of a Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT). Learn-AT has a Board of Trustees and Members who are responsible for overseeing all of the schools in the Trust. For more information about the Trustees please see Learn-AT’s website.

Great Bowden's Local Governing Body works on behalf of the Trust Board in these key areas:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction within the academy.
  2. Acting as a critical friend to the school; holding the academy’s senior leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff.
  3. Assuring Health and Safety procedures within their school.

Current Governors

Chair of Governors - Elspeth Williams

Vice Chair of Governors - Sarah Hill

Headteacher (ex-officio) - Sarah Bishop

Head of School (ex-officio) - Rebecca Blagburn

School Business Manager (ex-officio) - Kate Jones

Chair of the Resources Committee - Richard Moor
Chair of Learning & Teaching Committee - Sarah Hill
Chair of Pay Committee -  Sarah Hll

Governor - Miss Rachel Bland

Governor - Marianne Quinsee

Governor - Jan Shardlow

Governor - Chela Grainge

Governor - Fiona Sulley

Governor - Linda Kvatch

Associate Governor - Margaret Powell



Great Bowden Academy (GBA) and Ridgeway Primary Acadmey (RPA)



Joint members

GBA members

RPA members


Sarah Bishop

Elspeth Williams

Sarah Hill

Rebecca Blagburn

Richard Moor


Maxine Cigliano

Dave Turner

Richard Holding

Tor Creighton


Sarah Bishop

Elspeth Williams

Kate Jones

Richard Moor (chair)

Chela Grainge

Rachel Bland


Richard Holding (chair)

Bridget Hill

Justine Lawrence


Learning & 


Sarah Bishop

Elspeth Williams

Sarah Hill (chair)

Marianne Quinsee

Jan Shardlow

Rebecca Blagburn

Margaret Powell


Tor Creighton (chair)

Maxine Cigliano

Chris Tarry

Rev. Stephen Haward

Helen Price

Dave Turner


Sarah Bishop

Sarah Hill (chair)

Richard Moor

Elspeth Williams (chair)

Maxine Cigliano


Our Governors' Profiles (in progress)


Elspeth Williams Ridgeway Primary Academy

Governor - Chair of Governors

Governor’s full name: Elspeth Williams

Attends: Local governing body meetings (Chair of governors)

Governor responsible for: Maths, Arts

Occupation / background: Private music teacher. Married with 2 children.  Experience in marketing (electronics industry) and purchasing (electronics and fashion retail), team management, budget creation and management, product development.

Date of appointment: 07/12/2017

Term of office: 4 years

Appointed by the governing body (in accordance with the governing body’s instrument of government): Community governor (nominated by Kim Stuart)

Relevant business and pecuniary interests (as recorded in the register of interests): Freelance music teacher

Governance roles in other educational institutions: None

Relationships between other governors or school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives): None

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