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Great Bowden Academy

Great Bowden Academy


Great Bowden Academy has a specialist music teacher, Mr Seraphim Lopes, who teaches whole class music across KS2. All children across the key stage learn the ukulele.  Mr Lopes also organises the school ensemble group which is for KS2 musicians. 

We also have a specialist singing teacher who leads a KS1 choir and a KS2 choir.  In recent years, the KS1 choir has won Leicestershire choir of the year and the KS2 choir has taken part in Young Voices in Birmingham, a brilliant and memorable experience for all involved. 

Specialist music teachers offer lessons in school time on a range of instruments including: Voice, Piano, Flute, Recorder, Guitar and Brass.  If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument please contact the school office for more information. 

We hold an annual ‘Spring Serenade’ to give children an opportunity to perform for an audience and also raise money for our arts provision.  Years 4,5 and 6 take part in our summer performance which we take huge pride in. 

We offer a range of after-school sports clubs such as gymnastics, football, multi skills and dance.  The children have the opportunity to take part in sports events held with or between other schools in the area.