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Great Bowden Academy

Great Bowden Academy


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Great Bowden Academy: our curriculum story 

A church with a clock on the side of a buildingDescription automatically generatedThe content of the school’s curriculum and the development of skills to access and enrich it have always been at the heart of Great Bowden Academy’s teaching and learning.  In late 2018 we began a complete review of our curriculum, working in partnership with other teachers across Learn Academies Trust.  Our new curriculum is a work in progress: it will change over time and we are happy that it will do so.  This document tells you a little about it. 

A vintage photo of a bridgeDescription automatically generatedSitting in the middle of an ancient village, with the former school building in use as the preschool, our setting and the local environment provide us with a rich heritage and place in which to learn.  We used this resource as a starting point for learning.  Our curriculum starts in the first years of school with local history and geography and habitats, and weaves the stories and themes found in what is familiar to the children through different places and times as they move through the school.   

An old stone buildingDescription automatically generatedOur curriculum begins by telling the story of the village and how it has grown and changed, the story of the people who live and lived in it and how their needs changed and developed, and the story of inventions and innovations whose impact in Great Bowden and its surroundings mirrored their impact on a national and international level. This story contains themes about the importance of place, the supply and demand of goods and the people who provide them; and the way that supply and demand creates power which can fluctuate between people.  These themes became the core of the narrative of our curriculum.  Around these narratives are themes of  

A close up of a mapDescription automatically generatedA picture containing text, mapDescription automatically generatedImage result for market harborough train stationImage result for richard third tombcommuting, visiting other places, working away, trading, routes between key places and the maps that emerge from linking these journeys, what makes people important and powerful, and how we have been able to identify, analyse and be influenced by these occurrences.  Our core curriculum themes are listed in the box at the bottom of this page.  Clearly identifying these themes and examining them in the context of different people, places and times has provided continuity, context and progression through all our classrooms.  We examine these themes in the context of subject disciplines as well, examining as scientists, geographers and historians the impact of people and place on our lives; and using skills as musicians, artists and designers to investigate and express what we have learned.