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This is a small section of our policies. Many more are available from the office.

Learn Academies Trust Safe Guarding Policy

Learn Academies Trust Safe Guarding Framework

Learn Academies Trust Safe Guarding Guidance

Anti Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Learn Academies Trust E-Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

SRE Policy

Complaints Policy

Home School Agreement

PSHE Policy

Mathematics Policy

School Uniform Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Creative Arts Policy

English Policy

Charging Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Food Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Geography Policy

History Policy

ICT and Computing Policy

Outdoor Learning Policy

PE and Sport Policy

RE Policy

SMSC Policy

Curriculum Policy

Academy Equality Policy

Progress Towards Equality Duty

Feedback Policy

Academy Equality Plan

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